Midcore International CONSULTING

Internationalization of business is one of the conditions to succeed not only in expanding business but also in winning against those competitors who have been anchored to a domestic market that, especially in this crisis phase, continues to demonstrate a negative economic cycle apparently void of perspectives.

The specialist counseling consists precisely in the assessment that is appropriate to advise the entrepreneur of the best possible solutions and, subsequently, to constantly protect him in his activities abroad.


The task of MIDCORE, a company operating in the UAE since 2014 and constituted by qualified Italian consultants, consists in answering these questions:


  • Are there countries where there is interest about my company / products?
  • How could I open trade relations in foreign countries?
  • What is the market potential in a growing overseas country?
  • Can I find new dealers or country managers for commercial development?
  • Who are my competitors abroad?
  • Would my sales network cover other countries?



In this area, assistance will go from the preliminary analysis, to the support in the operational implementation phases, to the ongoing assistance after the start of operations in the United Arab Emirates.
Obviously, only through the conduct of preliminary analysis and verification activities, the entrepreneur will be able to make informed decisions about the opening of a new company in the UAE or a new point of sale in the country, participation in a fair, the location of the best geographical area for logistics, the optimization of the network of agents abroad, etc.
The above refers to the essence of the activity that will be carried out, in a key synthesis. Our mission is clear: to allow you to adopt the most rational solutions, in terms of efficiency and efficiency, to achieve the goals set.