Alberto Nencha

Permanent resident in UAE since 2009, with a background of more than twenty years in the Italian Fiscal Police – Guardia di Finanza, achieving the rank of Liutenant Colonel, the principal capabilities are directed to the understanding of the management of companies joint with solid fiscal preparation and the aptitude to manage resources in different situations and environments…

Internationalization of business is one of the conditions to succeed not only in expanding business but also in winning against those competitors who have been anchored to a domestic market that, especially in this crisis phase, continues to demonstrate a negative economic cycle apparently void of perspectives…

Our Mission. To be a multinational hospital system dedicated to the management of profitable health services through the use of innovative human and technological resources, thereby guaranteeing the attention, security and trust of the patients, respecting their life regardless of their national origin.

Midcore International Trading LLC, based in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, was established in the year 2014 with a motive to provide premium quality healthcare products & services to both the domestic and international markets…


Dr. Alberto Nencha
Managing Director

International Business Consulting

International Business Tower
11 Floor, Office 1110
P.O BOX-48204
Dubai, UAE

Tel No : +971 4 2442286